A bit about me


My full name is Nicolae Valera a multidisciplinary visual artist and an interactive ui/ux designer I enjoy making things that enhance people’s lives, even in the tiniest of ways. In everything I create, I strive to deliver simplicity, clarity and brand personality.

I spend my time designing experiences Through creativity, creating helpful illustrations, and writing design code to bring my work to life.


Web Design


San Diego City College

Graphic Design program. 2015-2018// San Diego CA.


Academy of Fine Art San Alejandro

BFA. in Fine Art and Digital Media. 2000-2004

 //Havana, Cuba.


Graphic Designer // iCatch Marketing LLC

2019 / San Diego, CA. – Develop Visual Identity –

Promotional material- branding -Designed

marketing materials for

print and web.

Graphic Design Intern // iCatch Marketing LLC

2019 / San Diego, CA. – Meeting clients

and managers to discuss business

objectives and requirements of the job – 

Interpreting the client’s business needs

and developing a concept to suit their purpose

Estimating the time required to complete

the work and providing  quotes for clients

 Developing design briefs by

gathering information and data through research

Thinking creatively to

produce new ideas and concepts

Using innovation

Art Director // Brigada Roja,

audio-visual experimental art

group // Black Ball gallery.

2012-2014 / San Francisco, CA. –

Promoting and production experimental art.